Think about attempting to visit your favorite website or doing a crucial online research project when all of a sudden, you get the following error message: "DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET." It's annoying, isn't it? This problem is frequent and might interfere with your online activity. We will examine the reasons for this mistake and provide you with workable strategies to fix it in this post. In order to solve the enigma around the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET issue, let's get started.


Your web browser uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to convert a human-readable domain name into an IP address that computers can recognize when you enter the address of a website. The DNS PROBE is complete. Your device was unable to connect to the DNS server or acquire the data required to view the website if you received the NO INTERNET error.

Possible Causes of the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET Error

  • Problems with the DNS server you're using: On occasion, the DNS server you're using may have issues or need maintenance, which results in an error. In such circumstances, your device is unable to access the internet because the DNS server is unable to reply to the device's request.
  • Network setup issues: The DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET problem may be brought on by incorrect network configurations, such as incorrect IP settings. This may happen if you manually alter the network settings or if several network components collide.
  • Interference from a firewall or antivirus program: Excessively strict firewall configurations or antivirus programs may block essential DNS queries, preventing your device from connecting to the internet.
  • Faulty Browser Settings: Faulty browser settings may result in the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET problem. These settings might include misconfigured proxy settings or cached DNS information. The problem could be fixed by clearing the browser's cache and modifying the proxy settings.

Methods for Resolving the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET Error

  • Restart Your Router and Modem: To start, switch off your router and modem. Then, wait a few minutes and then switch them back on. Often, this one procedure may fix momentary network problems and re-establish the connection to the DNS server.
  • Verify the DNS server settings: Check to see whether your device is set up to utilize the proper DNS server addresses. To test whether it fixes the issue, you may try switching to a different DNS server, such as Google Public DNS ( and
  • Deactivate Firewall or Antivirus: To see whether your firewall or antivirus program is to blame for the DNS issue, temporarily deactivate them. If the issue goes away, change your security software's settings to permit DNS queries.
  • Reset IP Configurations: Open the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac/Linux) and type the following commands one at a time to reset your IP configurations: "ipconfig/release," "ipconfig/renew," and "ipconfig/flushdns." Your IP settings will be reset, and the DNS cache will be cleared.
  • Adjust proxy settings and clear the browser's cache: The cache and cookies should be cleared in your web browser's settings. If you are not utilizing a proxy server, you should also deactivate any proxy settings. Try restarting your browser to see if the issue still exists.


Even though the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET problem might be upsetting, you can diagnose and fix it if you have the necessary expertise. We have examined the typical reasons for this issue and offered workable remedies in this post to assist you in quickly getting online again. Restart your router, check your DNS settings, temporarily turn off your firewall or antivirus program, reset your IP configurations, and clear the cache and proxy settings in your browsers. These instructions will help you resolve the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET issue and resume uninterrupted internet access.